Annual report pursuant to section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2012

On December 20, 2012, Revolution purchased all the shares of Seesmart Technologies, Inc. for consideration of approximately $10.1 million in cash funded by the issuance Series C convertible preferred stock, approximately 7.7 million common stock shares valued at approximately $5.0 million and 11,915 shares of Series D convertible preferred stock valued at approximately $1.0 million. The value of the common stock is based on the market price of the Company’s stock at the date of closing. The fair value of the Series D convertible preferred stock, whose holders share in earnings, dividends and liquidation in parity with the holders of common stock, takes into account the market price of the common stock issuable under terms of the convertible preferred stock at the date of closing of the transaction, adjusted to certain limitations on the timing of the conversion. The purchase price is subject to adjustment to the extent that working capital (as defined in the agreement) at closing differs from the amount specified in the agreement. Any adjustment will result in a corresponding adjustment to goodwill.


Seesmart is a manufacturer and provider of lighting solutions that exclusively utilize LEDs as their light source. Seesmart has designed and developed an innovative and high quality and broad product line and manufactures products both in the United States and through several contract manufacturers in Asia. Seesmart’s products are specifically designed for use in both retrofit and new construction applications by commercial, industrial, government and, to a lesser extent, residential customers. Seesmart distributes its products through an exclusive distribution network as well as through direct sales channels. Consistent with the intent at the acquisition date, during 2013 the Company completed the integration of the Array product line with Seesmart’s sales, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and distribution to form a single operating segment. The Company made the acquisition with the goal of realizing operating synergies and increased organic growth.

Under the Merger Agreement, the Company agreed to distribute the consideration to Seesmart Technologies, Inc.’s shareholders. As this required the Company to obtain current information from Seesmart Technologies, Inc.’s shareholders, not all of the consideration was distributed prior to December 31, 2012. In addition, the Merger Agreement contains provisions for certain escrow amounts. The Company has recorded a liability for the undistributed consideration and escrow amounts at December 31, 2012. The following table summarizes the distributed and undistributed consideration by type as of December 31, 2012:


     Distributed Consideration      Undistributed
     Unfunded Escrow      Total Consideration  
     Shares      Amount      Shares      Amount      Shares      Amount      Shares      Amount  


     —         $ 7,659,721         —         $ 647,559         —         $ 1,793,309         —         $ 10,100,589   

Common stock

     6,607,050         4,294,583         341,987         222,290         791,856         514,707         7,740,893         5,031,580   

Series D preferred stock

     11,177         950,045         738         62,730         —           —           11,915         1,012,775   












      $ 12,904,349          $ 932,579          $ 2,308,016          $ 16,144,944   













The following amounts represent the preliminary determination of the fair value of identifiable assets acquired and liabilities assumed from the Seesmart acquisition. The final determination of the fair value of certain assets and liabilities including income taxes and contingencies, including the litigation discussed in Note 18, will be completed within the one year measurement period from the date of acquisition as required by the FASB ASC Topic 805, “Business Combinations”.



   $ 68,661   

Accounts receivable






Customer relationships




Other assets





Assets acquired

   $ 24,966,395   

Accounts payable

   $ 2,692,064   

Accrued liabilities


Deferred revenue


Customer deposits


Convertible debt accelerated under change in control





Liabilities assumed

   $ 8,821,451   




Preliminary purchase price

   $ 16,144,944   




Goodwill resulting from the acquisition is largely resulting from the operating synergies expected from integrating the Seesmart operations with the Company. All the goodwill is included on the LED replacement lamps and fixtures segment (which is also one of the Company’s reporting units). None of the goodwill is expected to be deductible for income tax purposes.

On the acquisition date, Seesmart had outstanding convertible notes payable. In accordance with terms of the notes, the notes were converted into the right to cash equal to the principal, a 20% premium on the principal plus accrued interest. On the acquisition date, the Company’s cash obligation totaled $3,421,592. During 2013, the Company extended an offer to the note holders to exchange the notes for common stock, at an exchange rate of $0.6959 per share. Holders representing $1,029,895 of the cash obligation elected to receive a total of 1,479,947 shares of common stock. The Company has recognized a loss on debt extinguishment in 2013 of approximately $830,000 representing the incremental difference in the fair value of the Company’s common stock issued to settle this obligation in 2013 and the carrying value of the obligation. In 2013, the Company paid $2,391,697 in cash to settle the remaining obligation.

The following supplemental pro forma information assumes the acquisition had been completed on January 1, 2011 and is not indicative of the results that would have been achieved if the transaction had been consummated on such date or of the results that might be achieved in the future.


     Year Ended December 31,  
     2012     2011  


   $ 11,611,751      $ 18,387,512   

Loss from continuing operations

   $ (17,037,069   $ (8,559,417

Income (loss) from discontinued operations

   $ 683      $ (44,156

Net loss

   $ (17,036,386   $ (8,603,573

The pro forma loss for the year ended December 31, 2012 reflects Revolution’s $1,048,308 gain on debt restructuring (Note 7) and $3,397,212 impairment charge, as well as Seesmart’s pre-acquisition nonrecurring $1,700,000 loss on debt extinguishment, none of which is related to the acquisition transaction.

The pro forma loss for the year ended December 31, 2012 includes Seesmart pre-acquisition nonrecurring charges of $1,934,042 for a fee incurred by the sellers on sale of business and $529,860 for change of control 20% premium on convertible debt principal, all of which are directly related to the transaction.

The pro forma supplemental information reflects the following pro forma adjustments:


     Year Ended December 31,  
     2012     2011  

Amortization of customer relationships

   $ (606,083   $ (606,083

Amortization of trademarks

     (286,167     (286,167

Interest on convertible debt

     199,643        140,689   

Revolution’s income statement for the year ended December 31, 2012 includes Seesmart revenues of $124,272 and net income of $9,289 since the December 20, 2012 acquisition date.

Transaction costs largely consisting of attorney fees were expensed in the amount of $285,635 for the year ended December 31, 2012. Issuance costs for preferred stock were charged to Series C preferred stock and Series D preferred stock in the amounts of $63,674 and $6,373, respectively, for the year ended December 31, 2012.